All aspects of our life are important, that’s why a holistic approach must be taken to achieve long term benefits” – Dr James Stewart.

Committed to excellent patient-centred care, Dr James Stewart has recently been awarded the Australian Doctor of the Year and the Peoples Choice Award at the 2021 Australian Cannabis Industry Awards.

Why go with Dr James?

  • You will only ever speak with Dr James. Because he takes pride in knowing his patients and tailoring each treatment to them you will only ever speak with him. No nurses or other doctors. Always Dr James.
  • Tailored treatment that’s just right for you. Dr James takes time to learn and hear his patient’s needs. If you are after a quick tick and flick service go elsewhere.
  • You aren’t locked into a certain brand or product. Dr James is an Authorised Prescriber and can prescribe any product from any company that is available in Australia. You are not locked into a certain brand like you are sometimes with other clinics and doctors.